Lamiera by LaFaenzaCeramica: urban hi-tech
Maximum design freedom for a collection with real character
Inspired by the contemporary urban context and architectural trends, the new Lamiera collection by LaFaenzaCeramica is an original design, full of character.
Offered in sizes 60x120, 60x60 and 30x60 cm in two different colours, it promotes maximum design freedom and makes the product adaptable to various types of environments, creating atmospheres which are soft and stylish or powerful and trend-setting.
Surfaces are reinvented with a material like sheet-metal which shows the effects of time in an original surface, transforming simplicity into an opportunity for expression.

Lamiera - LaFaenzaCeramica
Glazed porcelain Rectified
Sizes: 60x120, 60x60, 30x60 cm
Colours: brown, grey
Finish: Natural, Honed

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