Free the senses, Download ImolaCeramica's photobook

The brand new ImolaCeramica photobook is a catalogue to accompany the reader in the discovery of the latest collections.
It is a path made of colours, shapes and surfaces, the expression of a taste and a total look which are full of character.

Lose yourself amongst the striking solutions, let your senses run wild: ImolaCeramica flooring and coverings can be discovered without limitations, supporting clearly-defined moods and exploring the most diverse ideas.

Complete solutions for those who favour a pure colour explosion, but also precise style choices for anyone seeking geometric textures or 100% minimal effects. There is also no lack of suitable items for vintage or contract spaces, and fans of total luxury or of surfaces resembling the most natural materials will not be disappointed.

What’s the mood in your home? Download the ImolaCeramica photobook and immediately discover the right design for you!

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