Le Essenze. A journey to discover the essence of nature.

The house emanates a natural charm,
in a fluidity of spaces and colours,
with wood being the recurring element, inside and outside.


A writer looking for inspiration. After many successful plots he now wants to write a story that goes to the essence of his style.
But the page is still blank. It’s time to take a break from his metropolitan study. It’s time for a new creative set and for three new desires and ingredients: harmony, elegance and nature. The writer finds them in a designer house immersed in the woods. A secluded place, an oasis of natural and architectonic beauty.
Once he arrives his pace of life slows down and his gaze becomes more contemplative. 
His daily ritual is observing nature, touching the trees, their branches and sense their precious uniqueness. And then, unexpectedly, the floodgates open and inspiration arrives. Finally a new story. The page starts filling with words.
The journey, the new home and those woods have changed him.


Unique charm.

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