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A material that can fuel our dreams evoke memories.

Wood as an evocative material.
A material that can fuel our
dreams evoke memories
and move us in unprecedented ways.


Prima ballerina of France. A successful career in the theatres of Europe and finally the seal of approval in the United States.
Today she is living a new life and a new home in New York, a loft in the heart of Manhattan. Tonight is the night before a debut. It’s nice to loose herself in the ritual of memories. Sitting in her favourite armchair, looking at her parquet flooring, the ballerina grips a lucky charm. It is a small block of wood from the Parisian stage where she began taking ballet lessons.
She chose the flooring of her loft based on her lucky charm, a well-worn wood that recalls those wooden boards filled with history, that have supported art, decorated sets and absorbed the sweat of dancers. She had to save a small piece for herself.
She had to decorate her home with parquet flooring that recalled its essence. And tomorrow night, like every night before a debut, she will be ready to dance on those boards. It’s the spirit and strength of her art.

It's nice to loose herself in the ritual of memories.

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