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The way these tiles are washed after they have been laid is extremely important for all later maintenance operations, as this is when any residues from the laying process should be removed as well as any normal worksite dirt, such as cement, glue, paint etc.

Once the grouting has dried completely (at least 3-4 days), clean the tiles with an acid scale remover and deep cleanser following the usage instructions carefully and observing the manufacturer’s dilution ratios indicated on the packaging.
For this operation, CCI suggests you use FILA DETERDEK, as it does not give off toxic fumes and does not harm the grouting. Apply it as follows:
• Use FILA DETERDEK diluted in a ratio of 1:5 (1 litre of FILA DETERDEK in 5 litres of preferably warm water with a cover yield of 1litre/40m²).
• Brush the floor carefully and then spread the diluted acid solution evenly using a normal domestic mop or scrubber or in the case of large areas, a monobrush cleaning machine fitted with a green, large area, swab disc.
• Leave the solution to act for several minutes depending how ingrained the dirt is
• Then scrub the floor energetically with an abrasive scrubber pad, like a green Scotch-brite pad, or with a nylon bristle scrubbing brush for slate-cut surfaces or in the case of large areas, a monobrush cleaner fitted with a green disc and a liquid aspirator.
• Wipe up any further residues with a rag or a liquid aspirator
• Rinse the tiles carefully with warm water, repeating the operation several times, if necessary, until all marks and residues are removed.
If any areas are not perfectly cleaned, repeat the acid wash with a higher acid concentration.

WARNING: This operation may be aggressive for the materials and components located near the tiles, such as the marble thresholds and steps, and metal door and window frames. The edges of these features should therefore be protected before beginning the cleaning operations described previously.

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